Hawaii Pasta Oahu

The Pasta

We offer a variety of pasta products including egg noodles, vegan fresh noodles, gluten free, gnocchi alla Romana (Roman style gnocchi), ravioli and lasagna sheets.

Our fresh noodles are available in a variety of cuts and come in classic or infused with vegetables such as spinach, beets, red peppers or even squid ink which all make for a striking meal with added nutrition.

Hawaii Pasta Oahu

The Desserts

Our signature desserts, which happen to be family recipes, are tiramisu, crème brulee and chocolate mousse.

Our commitment to using the highest quality ingredients shines through in these little bits of dessert heaven.

Hawaii Pasta Oahu

The Sauces
  • Puttanesca: A tomato based sauce with black olives, capers and chili flakes.
  • Ragu all Bolognese: A hardy meat sauce made with Oahu grass fed beef.
  • Amatriciana: A tomato based sauce with pancetta (bacon) and chili flakes.
  • Alfredo: Although not traditionally Italian, ours is made with 2% milk to provide the creaminess without the heavy feeling.
  • Pomodoro: A classically light, Italian style tomato sauce. Delicious on it’s own or ready as a base for your cooking creativity.
  • Pesto: Our island version of this classic is done with fresh basil and macadamia nuts.